We have been in  business for the last 11 years, proudly serving the community across the United States with workshops, speaking engagements, role plays and lectures.

Here is what the Media is saying about the work that  Janice has done in  life of others..... 

  "Janice Higgins life reads more like a Hollywood Movie Script than anything else." La Jolla Light News 

 "She is an Amazing woman with an Amazing Story." Fox Television 

"You could easily forgive the descent into victimization; instead, a new straight-talking hero has emerged. Some stories deserve to be told more than once, first here in this book and then again, in the full dimensionality of film. This is one of them." Marina Martins, Lexicon Entertainment 

  What would push a seven year old child to the knife attack of her seven year old schoolmate? What could foster such rage? There was a murder. Where were her parents?  Kidnapped as a teen and forced into prostitution. Order books at www.janicehiggins.com or bookstores near you. 

  With your assistance; we would love to pair up with as many schools, churches, social services, children services, youth services, youth organizations and juvenile detention centers, mental health services, substance abuse centers and correctional facilities as possible to conduct workshops on "Children in Rage." 


Please forward this website to those that might benefit from this event and help make 2010  a positive change in the life of our youth and parents; that we may all live in peace! It still takes a Village to raise a child! 

Please view this website for additional information and see if you think this amazing author is worthy of an interview, workshop, speaking engagement or community partnership while she is in your area. 

Her story, books and curriculum will change many lives and she would love for your audience to be a part of that change. 

Believe me, this is no run-of-the-mill story and Janice is a compelling speaker. Thank you so much for your time and we look forward to speaking with you soon. 

Thank you
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"No female on this earth can be successful without the love of another female; the same holds true for the male"
Janice Higgins