There Were No Parents Here Series by
Janice Higgins

Writing from herheart,Janice Higgins, takes us on a journey that many are afraid to take. In her first series of five, Higgins captures a view of her life through the eyes of a child. Each book is like a piece of a puzzle that represents her life. Through her book she reaches out to a nation to listen to our children. By exposing her life of child abuse, drug addiction and her life transformation, she explains the rage that happens when there are no parents to listen and support the child. What happens when we don’t listen to that silent cry of a child? Written in a raw style that exposes our own childhood fears, it also allows us to see the hope, with faith that change can happen.

Book I: From the Eyes of a Child ISBN # 09709868-07

Description What would push a seven year old child to the knife attack of her seven year old schoolmate? Could it be molestation? There was a murder. Where were her parents?
“My mommy’s boyfriend killed her and came back to live with us, as if he did nothing wrong.” Janice Higgins
“Janice Higgins life reads more like a Hollywood Movie Script than anything else.” La Jolla Light
“She is an Amazing woman with an Amazing Story.” Fox Television                             
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Book 2: No Direction ISBN # 09709868-15
Description : A teenager; A Fugitive from justice. Kidnapped from Phoenix to Hollywood and forced into prostitution; surviving the most horrific chain beating imagined. Cheating death not once; but twice.
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Book 3: There is Hope ISBN #09709868-23
Description : The drama and chaos continues to unfold, fighting the Court System for the return of her children.
Refusing to let go of a childhood belief; “All men kill.” This belief would take her to one of the largest prisons in California, a place that would change her life forever.
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Book IV: Behind These Walls ISBN # 978-0-9709868-4-9
Description : Something happened behind these walls. A great and powerful experience. Janice shares her story keeping it real, behind one of the largest Women's Correctional Facility in the California. Living with some of the most dangerous women in the world. Most of all you will learn that the outcome of every child's life will impact our society for better or worst.
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Community Partnership Project R.A.G.E. Therapeutic Circles ISBN# 978-0-615-25830-0

Project R.A.G.E Coaching Circles Curriculum Self Help Workbook Ten Steps: coaching a community to turn negative behavior into positive behavior Description To accompany the series Ms. Higgins will include a Curriculum, a step by step guide to corrective behavior, From her experience, strength and hope: to empower anyone to change their life and break the cycle of violence which lead to jails, other institutions or death.

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